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China (750? - 850?) Timeline
Buddhist : Zen / Chan

Poems by Feng-kan (Big Stick)

Feng-kan (whose name means Big Stick) and Shih-te (Pickup) are intimately linked with well-known poet Han-shan (Cold Mountain).

The legendary stories of Feng-kan say he arrived at the Kuoching Temple at Mount Tientai riding a tiger, and he took up residence behind the temple library. Though he may have been a Buddhist monk, he did not shave his head and, instead, wore his hair long. He stood an impressive six feet tall. Like his friend Han-shan, Feng-kan was an eccentric. When asked about philosophy or Buddhism, he would mutter, "Whatever."

When Han-shan disappeared, the poems of all three companions -- Han-shan, Feng-kan, and Shih-te -- were gathered together and began to circulate.

Poems by Feng-kan (Big Stick)

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Feng-kan (Big Stick)