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Rabbi Joseph ben Abraham Gikatilla (also written Yosef Gikatilla or Yosef Giqatilla) was a greatly respected master of Spanish Kabbalah. He was one of the most prominent students of the Kabbalist Rabbi Abraham Abulafia. And, although this is not known for certain, there is reason to think he may have also associated with Moses de Leon, who brought forth the Zohar text.

Rabbi Gikatilla was born in Medinaceli, Spain in 1248.

While still in his twenties and strongly under the influence of Rabbi Abulafia's teachings, Rabbi Gikatilla composed his first Kabbalistic work, Ginnat Egoz or the Nut Garden.

Gikatilla wrote several other important works on philosophy and Kabbalah. Perhaps his best known work is the Sha'arei Ora or Gates of Light, which appears to have been influenced by Moses de Leon's Zohar.

Rabbi Gikatilla became known for his depth of knowledge of Kabbalah and the inner mysteries, to the point that he gained a reputation as miracle worker and was sometimes referred to as Joseph Ba'al ha-Nissim, or Joseph the Thaumaturge.

He lived much of his life in Segovia, and died sometime after 1305 in PeƱafiel, Spain.

Poems by Joseph Gikatilla

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