Ayn al-Qozat Hamadani
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Poems by Ayn al-Qozat Hamadani
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Ayn al-Quzat Hamadani (sometimes transliterated as Ayn al-Qozat or Ayn-al-Qudat Hamadani) was a Sufi philosopher, mystic, mathematician, and a judge. He was born in northern Persia (Iran). The name Hamadani is a reference to his family roots in the city of Hamadan.

One popular tradition says that the great mathematician and poet Omar Khayyam traveled through the area when Hamadani was young, allowing Hamadani to briefly study with him.

Hamadani became a young leader of Sufi philosophical thought, advancing a more systematic view of Sufism. Hamadani was executed in Baghdad at the age of 33 on the charge of heresy. Hamadani, Hallaj, and Suhrawardi are often linked as Sufi masters who were martyred for expressing truths authorities found too uncomfortable to hear.

Poems by Ayn al-Qozat Hamadani

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Translation of an excerpt from Hamadhani's "Complaint of a Stranger Exiled from Home."
Ayn al-Qozat Hamadani