Hui K'o
China (4th Century) Timeline
Buddhist : Zen / Chan

Poems by Hui K'o

Hui K'o was the second Zen patriarch after Bodhidharma in Chinese Chan (Zen) Buddhism.

A famous story is told about Hui K'o: He approached Bodhidharma and asked to be taught what the essence of dharma is. Bodhidharma said, "You will not believe me."

Hui K'o, in his zeal for enlightenment, then cut off his arm and cried out, "Master, the pain is terrible. My mind is experiencing great pain. Please, put my mind at rest."

Bodhidharma then said, "Give me your mind and I will put it at rest."

After considering this for a moment, Hui K'o replied, "I cannot find it."

"Good," said Bodhidharma. "Then I have given your mind rest."

At that moment, Hui K'o received enlightenment.

Poems by Hui K'o

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Hui K'o