mother, i may have been a naughty child

by Nazrul Islam

Original Language Bengali

mother, i may have been a naughty child,
but i am your child nevertheless!
you own the world, mother, you are the queen of the world,
and look at me, i go about in the habit of a beggar.

you are bent on neglecting me,
but i love you anyway, it is you, only you that i call upon.
just as a child runs to his mother even after she has scolded him,
so do i run to you.

how could you push me away from you, mother,
you are my mother, are you not?
oh, why did you cast me away, mother,
leave me to play in the dust?
i would have been a better child,
had only you been a little more kind to me.

i am sad and angry, mother,
i shall go away anywhere my eyes and my feet take me to.
i do not care now whether i live or die now, mother,
i am going away.

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mother, i may have