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Sheikh Ahmad Jami (or Ahmad-e Jam) was born in the village of Namagh (Kashmar) in the Khorasan region of Iran. He was born to a farming family. He was apparently a very tall and strong boy and rather rough, gaining him the nickname Zhandeh Pil, or "giant elephant." He was also described has having red hair and striking blue eyes.

In his youth, he had a reputation for riotous living, but after a transformational experience, he turned to a life of seclusion and austerity. He eventually settled in Jam along the present-day border of Afghanistan, living for many years alone in the mountains of the area. When he was about forty, he began to take on disciples and started to write books on philosophy, including Meftah al Najat (The Key of Redemption), Konuz al Hekma (The Treasure of Wisdom), and Seraj al Saerin (The Lamp of Pilgrims).

He was an old man when he finally went on his Hajj to Mecca, and he died soon after his return. His tomb in Jam is a center for pilgrimage today for Sufis, seekers, and musicians.

Poems by Ahmad Jami

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