Awhad al-Din Kirmani
  (1163 - 1238) Timeline
Muslim / Sufi

Poems by Awhad al-Din Kirmani
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Awhad al-Din Kirmani was an important Persian Sufi teacher and poet. His philosophy and miraculous abilities drew many students to him.

His teachings were both celebrated and controversial. One of his well-known tenets was the idea of shahid bazi or what is sometimes called the Sufi gaze. He taught a practice of learning to recognize the beauty of God through the contemplation of beauty within the physical world, stating--

I gaze upon forms with my optic eye,
Because the traces of spiritual meaning are to be found in forms.
This is the world of forms, and we reside in forms,
The spiritual meaning cannot but be seen in forms.

Poems by Awhad al-Din Kirmani

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Awhad al-Din Kirmani