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Poems by Irina Kuzminsky
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Born into a White Russian emigre family who made the arduous trek from St Petersburg through Siberia into China's northern city of Harbin and thence to Australia, where she was born, Irina could not help but be influenced by the riches of Russian pre-revolutionary literary and artistic culture. Like one of the poets who inspired her, Marina Tsvetaeva, she has moved from writing predominantly shorter lyrics to verse novels with characters as disparate as Mary Magdalene, Heloise, Nizam, or the fictional heroines of Joy and An Innocent Womb, verse novels inspired by the spiritual traditions of Christianity, Taoism, Sufism, Tantric Hinduism and the Goddess centered religions of the Neolithic.

Irina passionately believes in art as a bridge into spiritual consciousness. At the most personal level her art and her whole life are centred around the desire to rediscover and reconnect with the Divine Feminine in all of its manifestations. Poetry and dance are both a part of and an expression of that journey.

Irina's poems and articles have been published in England, Australia and the US in Acumen, Poetrix, Caduceus, Arts and Academic Review, Devi, Phoebe, Women's Art Register and Dance Australia. Irina is currently working with ways of presenting poetry to audiences in combination with dance and music.

Irina Kuzminsky says of poetry:

"In writing poetry, true poetry, one does commune with the gods. All I have written have been things heard or sensed by me, a rhythm, a sense of colour, an image apprehended verbally, an idea from a realm in which words are never purely verbal, but always a chord of sound and colour and movement.

"When I write I feel I am spinning words out of my own being, my own flesh. Printed and fixed on a page will these words live still and breathe as I lived and breathed them? And how is it possible to write of an experience and still remain true to it? This applies to any experience, but how much more so to an experience of the divine..."

Poems by Irina Kuzminsky

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