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Shaikh Sharafuddin Yahya Maneri is a greatly beloved Muslim saint of India. He was born and lived in Bihar near Bengal. He is sometimes referred to as Makhdum al-Mulk "The Spiritual Master of the Realm."

As a young man he became a disciple of the Sufi master Shaikh Abu Tawwama. Under Abu Tawwama's guidance, Sharafuddin Yahya Maneri became well versed in all traditional areas of Muslim religious learning while diving deeply into spiritual exercises and meditation.

During this time, he was so immersed in his spiritual practices that he ignored several letters that had come from his home. When he completed his studies, he finally opened the letters only to discover that his father had died.

He eventually returned home after marrying the daughter of his teacher.

Shaikh Maneri is widely known for his "100 Letters" addressed to the Governor of Chausa outlining the path to God. These letters are read, studied, and meditated upon by Sufis and spiritual seekers throughout India and South Asia.

The name Maneri refers to the region of Maner, where the Ganges River once met the Son River.

Shaikh Yahya Maneri's tomb, near Patna, Bihar in India, is a popular destination for pilgrims of many religious traditions today.

Poems by Sharafuddin Maneri

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