How Wonderful is the murderous mercy of God!

by Meher Baba

English version by Bhau Kalchuri
Original Language Persian/Farsi or Urdu or Hindi

How Wonderful is the murderous mercy of God!
     His mercy has graced the rose with thorns.
How justice manifests in the glory of God!
     Cruelty is hidden in His kindness.
It matters not whether wine is accepted by any religion -
     I long for the intoxication of love.
Oh God! What bliss lies in love's intoxication!
     The wine of man can never bestow bliss.
One cannot experience love by reading books -
     Love can never be described in words.
I have never read about real love -- for it cannot be written.
     Love is portrayed with the blood of one's heart --
          only then will it be yours (the devotee's).
Oh God! Grant me the gift of Your union --
     I have died in Your separation.
But in Your ledger You need not count the pains
     I have felt away from You.
Blood is spilling from my heart
     which has become like minced meat!
But missing is that salt which You sprinkle
     in the wounds of the heart.
Why should one question the lovers of God about Him?
     One should wish to ask God directly!
Oh God! You are found in the question
     as well as in the answer.
I have seen God, He is the same God everywhere!
     His abode is in every heart.
God is the wine-seller in the house rich in purity,
     however, He is living in the house of ruination.
why should one feel restless experiencing misery, cruelty
     and the difficulties of the world?
Oh Huma, if God showers His mercy upon you,
     then bliss is felt in the pain.

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