The Intoxicated

by Meher Baba

English version by Naosherwan Anzar
Original Language Persian/Farsi or Urdu or Hindi

I am the bondsman and the slave.
I am God's doorkeeper.
My body is His, so is my heart and soul.

In a way it's He who's always in man's servitude,
for in reality each of us is a guest
in the house of God.

We pledged we would remember only Him.
If you are faithful to yourself,
you will remain true to your word.

The seeker beat his head against a wall
but found nothing,
for only that will happen which is ordained by God.

In the intoxication of freedom,
Huma became wingless,
but in my ecstasy, I fly godwards without wings.

-- from The Beloved Sings of Love: Songs of Meher Baba (Audio CD), Translated by Naosherwan Ansar

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The Intoxicated