Oh Beloved Master

by Meher Baba

English version by Bhau Kalchuri
Original Language Persian/Farsi or Urdu or Hindi

Oh Beloved Master, you are the Emperor!
I am eternally grateful to you.
If I had a hundred thousand lives --
I would sacrifice every one to them at your feet.

You drowned me in the Eternal Ocean of Oneness
and transformed me into an Ocean like yourself.
In the twinkling of an eye, you transformed a lover into God --
God I have become!

Oh Emperor of Masters! Oh Ocean of Mercy!
Oh Perfection Personified!
Oh Perfect Master, if your merciful glance lights on anyone --
a beggar can turn into a king!

The gods and goddesses -- the angels --
the celestial devas and men of the heavens
Are all awed at the brilliance of your divinity!

Oh Enlightened Master of the three worlds! Even if I were
to change my body into the sandals of your feet,
It would be nothing in comparison with what
you have done for Merwan!

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Oh Beloved Master