Dhun-Nun al- Misri
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Dhun-Nun Abu Faid Thawban ibn Ibrahim al-Misri is one of most revered early formulators of Sufi tradition. His teachings particularly emphasized that Gnosis is the heart of the mystical path of Sufis.

The name Dhun-Nun, can be translated in Arabic as "of the whale" -- an epithet also given to the Biblical figure of Jonah. And his nickname al-Misri means "the Egyptian."

His father was a Nubian, possibly a slave, since Dhun-Nun was said to be a freedman.

Dhun-Nun al-Misri studied with several teachers and traveled through Egypt, Arabia, Syria, and Persia.

He was imprisoned on charges of heresy in Baghdad, but the caliph ordered him released, and he returned to Egypt. His tomb can be found today in Cairo's necropolis.

Despite his revered position among early Sufi masters, none of his writings survive today, except for a few orally preserved poems and prayers attributed to him.

Poems by Dhun-Nun al- Misri

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Dhun-Nun al- Misri