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Poems by Ravidas
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Ravidas lived in Varanasi (Benares) and is generally thought to have been a younger contemporary of Kabir. In his poetry, he describes himself as a leather worker, someone whose contact with dead animals would have marked him as a dalit (or "untouchable") in Indian society. Yet he is revered by both Sikhs and Hindus.

The two oldest sources of his work are the Sikh scripture, the Adigranth, and in the collections of songs compiled in the Dadu Panth.

According to some sources, Ravidas was initiated by Kabir's famous guru Ramananda. And some traditions assert that Ravidas was, in turn, the guru of the great female poet-saint Mirabai.

Because of his low caste status, Ravidas has become an important figure for poor and oppressed people in India today, his followers calling themselves Ravidasis.

Poems by Ravidas

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