(11) Your nakedness (from Year of the Goddess)

by Gabriel Rosenstock

English version by Gabriel Rosenstock
Original Language Irish & English

Chomh geal sin
Nach gcorraíonn suáilce ná duáilce ionam

Sea, Taoi nocht os mo chomhair
Ach nach bhfuil an féar nocht?
Tá an ghealach nocht
Nocht atá an drúcht
Is ní siocair pheaca dom iad.
Tusa nár pheacaigh riamh! A ghile!
Conas a pheacóinnse?

So bright
Neither virtue nor vice stirs in me

Yes, You stand naked before me
But is the grass not naked?
The moon is naked
Naked the dew
They are not occasions of sin.
You who never sinned! Bright being!
How could I?

-- from Bliain an BhandŽ - Year of the Goddess, by Gabriel Rosenstock

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11) Your nakedness