See how, shaped by the excellence of the path

by Shabkar (Shabkar Tsogdruk Rangdrol)

English version by Matthieu Ricard
Original Language Tibetan

See how, shaped by the excellence of the path,
I walk now without effort
toward the Buddha state.
I dance, I sing, I play!

-- from Rainbows Appear: Tibetan Poems of Shabkar, Translated by Matthieu Ricard

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Commentary by Ivan M. Granger

We are all feeling it right now, the pressures and worries of the world, building tensions. Things feel as if they are no longer contained by the old ways of doing things. Changes and new directions are unavoidable. But the question that haunts us is -- What next?

Elections, politics, war, economics, injustice...

How do we steer things in the directions of life and hope and a more just world? Structures of power, normally rigid and well-fortified, are in flux throughout the world right now. More than at most times, they are susceptible to change and reform -- for better or for worse. We're seeing examples of both, some dismal, some profoundly uplifting.

Because of this unusual world moment of societal malleability, it is a very good time to be engaged. Individual and collective input are magnified and will immensely influence world society in the coming years.

But this raises the question, what does such "engagement" look like for an individual of good heart? I won't imply that I have a simple answer. We each have unique skills and tendencies, and, therefore, unique ways to contribute.

I would suggest that we approach the question as one of spiritual practice. We may need to challenge ourselves. Being a source of positive change may require action, courage, possibly even self-sacrifice. It also requires joy, kindness, and heart. But consider the possibility that it does not require "effort." We tend to imagine anything big and worthwhile requires force and will. But when the moment is ripe, change wants to happen. The only real "effort" needed is to figure out in which direction it wants to go, and then clear its path. We don't have to "make" the change, we just have to allow it. Like a midwife, we enable the natural process already taking place and so help the new life to enter into the world well.

This is how the spiritual path, personal and global, ushers in profound change with no "effort."

I walk now without effort
toward the Buddha state.
I dance, I sing, I play!

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