Ala al-Dawla Simnani
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Poems by Ala al-Dawla Simnani
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(Not to be confused with Sayyid Ashraf Jahangir Simnani, who lived about a century later)

'Ala' al-Dawla Simnani spent his early life as a courtier at the Ilkhanid Mongol court and was a cherished companion of the emperor Arghun. After a mystical experience on the battlefield, however, Simnani turned his back on a life of luxury and became a Sufi. He advanced rapidly in his spiritual quest and soon became one of the most influential Sufi masters in Persia.

While many Sufis have been Shiite, Simnani stood out as a Sunni.

Simnani conducted a famous debate with other Sufis over Ibn Arabi's notion of the mystic's oneness with God. Simnani favored a more dualistic language in order to avoid the excesses that led some mystics to hint at (or be misunderstood to suggest) an equivalence with God.

Poems by Ala al-Dawla Simnani

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Ala al-Dawla Simnani