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Poems by Natsume Soseki
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Natsume Soseki is probably best known as a novelist, sometimes referred to as the Charles Dickens of Japan. He wrote stories with both humanity and an unflinching eye. But he was also a teacher, a cultural critic, a Zen practitioner, and an author of haiku.

Soseki was born in Tokyo and graduated from Tokyo University. He then became a middle school and high school teacher of English language and literature.

In the early 1900's several of his stories were published in serialized form in magazines, establishing his career as a writer.

Around this time, Soseki also started showing signs of tuberculosis, an illness he never fully shook off. To cope with his illness, Soseki began to practice Zen meditation.

Natsume Soseki died at the age of 49.

Poems by Natsume Soseki

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