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Poems by Sara Teasdale
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Sara was born in St. Louis, Missouri, in 1884, to a religious family. As a youth she traveled frequently to Chicago and became a part of a circle of people associated with the magazine Poetry. She published several volumes of her own poetry through the early 1900s.

She married in 1914 and subsequently moved with her husband to New York City. In 1929 she divorced her husband and lived on her own after that.

In 1918 she won the Columbia University Poetry Society Prize, which later became the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry.

She wrestled with chronic illness and, after a severe bout of pneumonia in 1933, she apparently committed suicide by taking an overdose of barbituates.

I haven't come across anything to suggest that Sara Teasdale had overtly mystical or spiritual inclinations, but her poetry certainly has an intensely romantic quality to it that ultimately achieves a sort of mystical transcendence, suggesting a melting into the beloved.

Poems by Sara Teasdale

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Sara Teasdale