by Chogyam Trungpa

Original Language English

Sssoo Sssoo Soot Soot Sootr
Sootr Sutra Soootra Sutroom
Sootroom Sootree Sootro-EE
Oo Ay Oh Oh Ay Oh Ee
Soooodj Soooodj
Sutra Junction Junction Junction
Junction Junction
Confluence Union United
United Unified Junction of Confluence
United Unified Junction of Sutra

-- from Timely Rain: Selected Poetry of Chogyam Trungpa, by Chogyam Trungpa

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Commentary by Ivan M. Granger

Okay, first, you have to say this one out loud. Just reading it silently in your mind won't cut it. Sound it out. Let it slide and dance over your tongue. I doubt you can finish without a smile on your lips...

This poem has a playful Dadaist / Beat feel to it.

Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche seems to be playing not only with sound, but with the fundamental meaning of "sutra." A sutra is a sacred text, usually a collection of short aphorisms or statements of insight. But the literal meaning of "sutra" is "thread." Sometimes the image is used of a string of pearls; the sutra is the thread that joins the pearls of wisdom. So a sutra is the hidden essence that "unifies," bringing the "junction" that is the aha! moment of insight.

United Unified Junction of Sutra

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