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Sahl al-Tustari was born in Tustar (or Shushtar) in southwestern Iran. Even as a child he showed himself to have a powerful spiritual inclination, drawn to prayer and fasting and asceticism and deep remembrance of God (dhikr/zikr).

One of his early teachers was Dhun-Nun al-Misri. Among Tustari's students was the great Sufi mystic and martyr, al-Hallaj.

Tustari is best known for writing one of the first Sufi commentaries on the Qur'an, the Tafsir al-Tustari. Just as many Jewish mystics have asserted about the Torah, and Christian mystics have taught about the Gospels, Tustari upheld the tradition that the Qur'an contains several levels of meaning.

Poems by Sahl al- Tustari

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