Wu Cailan
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Poems by Wu Cailan

Wu Cailan (Wu Ts'ailuan) is a revered female Taoist master in China.

It is difficult to speak with historical certainty about when Wu Cailan lived. Taoist tradition states that she was the daughter of the Taoist adept Wu Meng, who lived in the third and fourth centuries. It is said that she studied Taoist alchemy, attaining the Eternal.

Secular histories place her lifetime in the ninth century, however, where she was the wife of a poor scholar whom she supported by selling poetry.

Legend combines the two stories by saying that Wu Cailan had attained immortality in the earlier centuries but had been banished to the mundane world again in the ninth century.

She and her husband eventually retreated to live in the mountains.

Poems by Wu Cailan

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Wu Cailan