Mar 03 2008

Book: The Drunken Universe

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The Drunken Universe: An Anthology of Persian Sufi Poetry
Translated by Peter Lamborn Wilson / Translated by Nasrollah Pourjavady

One of my favorite collections of the Persian Sufi poets, some you may have heard of and others who may be new to you: Jami, Attar, Hamadani, Iraqi, Hafez, Ibn Arabi, Sanai, and many others. If you like Sufi poetry, this is a book you should have.

My hearing, sight, my tongue and hand: all He.
Then I am not, for all that is, is He.
I think I am, and thought is but a dream.
When I awake, all that remains is He.

Baba Afzal Kashini

Table of Contents

Leaving this World Behind
The Secret: The First Meeting
Transcendence and Paradox
Separation and Sadness
Love and the Lover
Passing Away
The Perfect Man
Sources of the Poems

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