Jul 28 2008

Poetry Photos

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I periodically get asked where I find the photos that accompany the poems on the blog and in the poem emails. Did I take them all myself? (No, I’m not that talented behind the lens.) Did I pay to access a stock photography catalog? (Nope.)

Actually, I find almost all of the photos on Flickr, through their Creative Commons section. These are basically photos people post and make available for free, as long as you attribute them.

You’ll notice that beneath each photo I use, I include a reference to the photographer’s name with a link that leads to their Flickr pages.

Once I’ve selected the poem for the day, I imagine visual images that might compliment the words well, and then start searching through Flickr. Some real treasures in there, even though most photos are by amateurs. Often I end up selecting a photo that has little to do with my original idea. I’m just as curious as you to discover which image will ultimately accompany the selected poem…

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