Aug 16 2008

Poetry Chaikhana is Back Up

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The Poetry Chaikhana web site — including the forum and blog — were down for much of Friday, Aug. 15.

What happened is that, in the middle of the night, the domain name “deactivated.” I just found out that Network Solutions, the agency that regulates that, didn’t automatically renew the domain name, as they were supposed to. No domain name = no web site.

One person suggested to me that Network Solutions should be careful not to mess with “thousands of vicious pen-wielding poets in Quonset tea houses… ready to write them into eternal oblivion.” I guess they got the message. With the help of my very helpful Internet service provider, we got them to fix the problem within a few hours. (And it only took wielding a phone and email, not a barbed pen.)

So — the Poetry Chaikhana is back!

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