Jan 25 2009

Two Book Recommendations: The Joyous Soul and Turkish Sufis

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Quarreling with God: Mystic Rebel Poems of the Dervishes of Turkey
Translated by Jennifer Ferraro / Translated by Latif Bolat

This is an excellent sampling of poetry of Turkish Sufis, most of whom haven’t been translated into English until now. You’ll find a few poems by well-known figures, like Yunus Emre, but many other stunning works by names you’re less likely to have heard of, such as Ummi Sinan, Kul Himmet, Seyh Ibrahim Efendi, and Niyazi Misri. Recommended.

They say the Sufi way
      is to give one’s life away.

The Sufi way is to become a sultan
      on the throne of the soul.

In the station of the Path,
      it is to destroy appearances.
In the station of Reality,
      it is to become a guest
in the innermost palace of the heart…

– from The Sufi Way, by Seyh Ibrahim Efendi


The Soul is Here for its Own Joy: Sacred Poems from Many Cultures
Edited by Robert Bly

Another good, wide-ranging selection of sacred poetry gathered by Robert Bly. From Hafiz to Freidrich Holderlin, Mirabai to Mirza Ghalib, Rumi to Rilke. A very good book to pick up, open to a random page, and then disappear…

The Footprint

In this world of infinite possibility
I look around for the second step
of desire–
All I see is one footprint!

– Mirza Ghalib

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  1. Blisson 25 Jan 2009 at 6:17 pm

    Bliss says:
    we are all melting into one another
    like a popsicle in the Sun–
    it is messy
    it is fragrant and full of color–
    enjoy it as a Child would!
    do not grab a napkin
    or clean
    do not worry about the result
    but be in the moment
    tasting the juices of Life

    Bliss says:
    Obama is a
    Jnana Yogi

    and is
    by invisible help–
    the Violet Flame
    of Freedom
    the Peace of
    Gandhiji and Kwan Yin

    the love of Divine Mother
    the conviction of Martin Luther

    and his daughters
    his daughters

    are Starlight

    Bliss says:
    the Earth calls to yu
    like a distant drum
    right beneath yu

    Bliss says:
    change right now
    without moving a muscle
    shift into a Dragon of Love

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