May 04 2009

Website Updates

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This weekend I completed a series of updates to the Poetry Chaikhana web site that I think you’ll like…

– Site Search
You can now search for anything anywhere on the Poetry Chaikhana site, from any page! Search for poets, words, phrases, themes, spiritual traditions. The Poetry Chaikhana is far too rich of a resource to not give you the ability to run a search. Well, that’s now available. I’ve been planning on adding this capability for years, literally, but never quite got around to it – until now.

– Poetry Page Redesign
I made several changes to the look and feel of the poetry pages. Space is used better and, I hope, the pages should be more inviting to the eyes.

I made a few other miscellaneous technical changes, but those two are the changes you’re most likely to notice. So please explore the changes. Use them as an excuse to re-explore the site. Make a few new discoveries…

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One Response to “Website Updates”

  1. Jim Atwellon 04 May 2009 at 6:16 pm is a wonderful web site.
    With passionate caresses from times past.
    So What is the URL for the Divine?
    Open your heart and put me on speed dial.
    You can IM me with Love.

    Much Love
    Jim Atwell

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