May 10 2010

A little shameless self-promotion today…

Two of my poems are featured on the TIFERET Journal website. Click on the “Journal” link, and then select “Poetry Corner.” This section of the site is under the guidance of silent lotus, himself a luminous poet who regularly shares his work on the Poetry Chaikhana Forum. Elizabeth Reninger also has a poem on the Tiferet site; you may recognize her name as well, since she’s a poet we’ve featured in past Poetry Chaikhana poem emails.

The Tiferet Journal is an excellent publication, and their site is worth exploring…

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One Response to “A little shameless self-promotion today…”

  1. aparnaon 12 May 2010 at 12:28 am

    Hey, marvelous,.. marvelous Ivan!!! And this poem of yours:’Every shaped thing’… more than the poem, I have forever been going back to your commentary on it (and initiated, i dunno how many more to this ever so supreme truth:: “…All of creation — every person, every thing, even every idea, “every shaped thing” — is just a reflection of the divine radiance present everywhere…… what we unknowingly crave is not the thing itself, but that spark of the Eternal barely glimpsed within it…..”
    So true,… so absolutely true….. (when will I remember???)

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