Oct 13 2010

Poetry Chaikhana Fan Page on Facebook

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I’ve finally created a separate Poetry Chaikhana fan page on Facebook. Several of you have encouraged me to do this in recent months, and I’ve finally gotten it going. Thanks for all the friendly nudges!

I’ve maintained a personal page on Facebook for a while, and many of you have already connected with me as Facebook friends, but I’m going to start making more of a distinction between my personal FB page and the new Poetry Chaikhana page. I will soon shift most of my poetry posts over to the Poetry Chaikhana page. That’s where you’ll find the juiciest poetic explorations and meditative meanderings.

If you’re on Facebook, come on over to the new Poetry Chaikhana page and become a fan. I’d love to see the number of fans for the Poetry Chaikhana page really take off. As more and more people “like” Poetry Chaikhana on Facebook, it gets more attention and that draws even more people, helping the Poetry Chaikhana circle to expand.

See you there…


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2 Responses to “Poetry Chaikhana Fan Page on Facebook”

  1. Aparrnaon 13 Oct 2010 at 9:57 pm

    Hey Ivan, isn’t there some way of kinda merging that (fb pc) page with this one. Like the comments (on poems) there visible here and vice-versa??… Like i’ve been a sort of chaikhana loyal so i find myself posting my comments HERE instead of there… You know, sort of like the older generation, who will stick to their favourite model of car even when other, flashier ones are available. And it’s always a post “t/here or not t/here” kinda dilemma where your poetry is concerned. Figure out if there’s a way!!!

  2. Ivan M. Grangeron 15 Oct 2010 at 8:54 am

    The FB page is really meant to be another doorway into the Poetry Chaikhana community. While there may be a few things that are unique to the page on FB, there will also be a fair amount of overlap — the same content as this blog, for example. So don’t feel you have to regularly visit ALL of the Poetry Chaikhana spots on the web. Just find the one you’re most at home in, and share your thoughts and wisdom and creativity there.

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