Jun 10 2011

Book: Poems of Awakening …and a poem by Ivan

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A few weeks ago I received a book in the mail. People often send me their books of poetry, and I love to receive them. But this book particularly caught my eye, an anthology with the promising title of Poems of Awakening. As I leafed through it, I found a delightful collection of poems, ranging from Kabir to Li-Young Lee. I was eager to start exploring its pages, but other things required my attention, and so it sat on my desk unopened for several days.

Then I got an email from the book’s editor, Betsy Small, asking if I’d received the book yet. It was only after I sent a polite email back saying that, yes, I had received the book but hadn’t had a chance to read through it, that a light switched on in my memory. Betsy Small was the person who had asked me about one of my own poems several months back. I opened the book once again and read carefully through the table of contents. Sure enough, there was my haiku, “in love with the new sun”:

in love with the new sun
the cherry blossom forgets
the night’s frost

I had forgotten it was going to be published.

As I continue to read through Poems of Awakening, I rediscover favorite poems by other poets, and I’ve found more than a few that are entirely new to me. This is a book I’ll keep in easy reach on my bookshelf. I recommend it to anyone who wants a nice sampling of sacred and insightful poems that includes some unexpected surprises — including a poem by yours truly!

Poems of Awakening: An International Anthology of Spiritual Poetry
Edited by Betsy Small


One other note about “in love with the new sun”… This continues to be one of my most popular short poems. I often get emails about it from people who’ve discovered it on the Web. In fact, a couple years ago, I got an email from a woman in San Francisco who asked my permission to tattoo it on her side. I can’t think of a more permanent form of appreciation that that!

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