Mar 12 2012

Clarification: “Website,” Blog, and Emails

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I realized I’ve created some confusion around the recent website changes. I forget how differently I see the Poetry Chaikhana. As I’ve been posting notes about a “new website” several people who relate primarily to the Poetry Chaikhana emails thought they may have to sign up again. Others who mainly read the Poetry Chaikhana blog, thought that the URL for the blog had changed and that they should no longer visit the “old” blog. My apologies that I didn’t communicate what had changed more clearly.

I think of the Poetry Chaikhana in a few broad sections:

The “Website”

The Poetry Chaikhana website is an encyclopedic online library with hundreds of poets, thousands of poems. Poets are listed by name, by tradition, by century, and on timelines. Poems are listed by poet, by theme. You’ll also find recommended books, some great links to other websites, and my own commentary. If you haven’t yet visited this part of the Poetry Chaikhana, there is a lot to explore and contemplate.

This is the “website” that was redesigned recently, although the URL/web address for the home page is still the same.

The Blog

The Poetry Chaikhana Blog is a specialized section of the larger website. It is a running collection of my posts, usually a close parallel to the poem emails, though occasionally I’ll post a few other things to the blog, as well, like YouTube videos, book reviews, etc.

A few weeks ago I changed the look and theme of the Poetry Chaikhana Blog, but it has not changed in any other way. You can still find it at the same location on the Web, and I am still posting regularly.

The Poem Emails

Many people only know of the Poetry Chaikhana poem emails, and don’t realize that there is an extensive website and blog behind it all. And that’s fine. For most people one email every couple of days is just the right amount, and more might feel like too much. Also I feel that I have the most personal connection to people through the poem emails.

But no changes have occurred with the emails. If you are already receiving the emails, you will continue to receive them without interruption.

Social Media

The Poetry Chaikhana also has a very active Facebook page, with bite-sized bits of poetry (often accompanied by photos) and updates about the site.

Poetry Chaikhana on Twitter isn’t as active as many other twitterers, but most days I’ll post one or two things.

The Poetry Chaikhana YouTube page goes through periods without much activity. But when I find an interesting or inspiring video — poetry, song, or something else entirely — I’ll post it here (and often on the blog, as well).

That’s an overview of the online realm of the Poetry Chaikhana. When I mentioned “the new website” before, I was specifically referring to the extensive online library of poets, poems, and timelines. Hopefully this note has introduced you to other parts of the Poetry Chaikhana world you’d like to find out more about…

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