Nov 02 2012

Request for Poetry Chaikhana Favorites

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I’ve mentioned before that I am gathering together material for a Poetry Chaikhana anthology. What would you like to see included?

– What is your favorite Poetry Chaikhana poem? Is there one that dances in your mind, opens your heart, a poem you return to again and again?

– Do you have a favorite poem commentary, something that made the poem come alive for you or spoke to you on a deep level?

– Is there a certain thought for the day that said the right thing to you at the right moment?

What do you really want to see in print? Help me fill this first Poetry Chaikhana anthology with delights and treasures! I’d love to hear from you…

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One Response to “Request for Poetry Chaikhana Favorites”

  1. dervishspinon 08 Nov 2012 at 12:20 pm

    I have two. You introduced me to both poets, and I have since bought volumes of theirs. These were the poems you selected that inspired me.

    Mary Oliver’s _Wild Geese_
    Dorothy Walters’ _A Cloth of Fine Gold_

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