Jan 14 2013

Dorothy Walters – Waiting

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by Dorothy Walters

The jeweled cloud sways overhead,
Meanwhile, our cells are turning to air,
finer and finer arrangements of light.

— from Marrow of Flame : Poems of the Spiritual Journey, by Dorothy Walters

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In these few brief lines, the poet seems to be exploring how spiritual transformation is also a physical transformation down to the cellular level. Our bodies become “finer and finer arrangements of light…” What a great line! I imagine the body as a shimmering web of filaments and cells, somehow elevated, made lighter, subtler, and vivified by the infusion of new awareness so the body’s network reorganizes itself into ever more artistic patterns of itself.

You’ll find intimations of this idea in various sacred traditions. The body of light. The body of bliss. Having a new body in Christ. The Kabbalist’s Merkava. The perfected body in alchemy. The shaman’s body. The adamantine body in Yoga and Buddhism. The Taoist’s immortal body.

What most mystics speak of with these terms is that the body has been recollected into the full awareness: It is whole, complete. The body knows itself and knows it is alive. It finally feels the stream of life running through it. Most importantly, the body becomes a vehicle capable of participating in the greater wholeness of divine union.

Meanwhile, our cells are turning to air,
finer and finer arrangements of light.

Dorothy Walters

US (1928 – )
Secular or Eclectic

Dorothy Walters, Ph. D., spent many years as a university professor of English and Women’s Studies. During that time she helped to set up one of the first women’s studies programs in the country and was active in the early feminist and gay liberation movements. In l981 she experienced a dramatic spiritual transformation through spontaneous Kundalini awakening, an event that put her in close contact with the feminine divine. Since then, she has focused on writing prose and poetry about the spiritual journey, much of it inspired by Rumi, and helping others undergoing similar deep inner transformation. She has published several books of both prose and poetry relating to the mystic path and publishes a blog at www.kundalinisplendor.blogspot.com

She wrote of her Kundalini initiation in Unmasking the Rose. She has several collections of poetry, including Ley Lines of the Soul, Marrow of the Flame, A Cloth of Fine Gold, and, most recently, Penelope’s Loom. She also contributed to Kundalini Rising: Exploring the Energy of Awakening.

Ms. Walters lives and writes in Colorado.

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