Jun 07 2013

Poetry Chaikhana Needs Your Support

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Let the beauty we love be what we do.
There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.
~ Rumi

Hi –

Almost every day I receive at least one email from someone telling me how much the Poetry Chaikhana means to them. The daily poem brings a moment of calm to the morning, inspires creativity at work, offers comfort in a period of crisis, carries hope when assaulted by the headlines, suggests a focus for meditation or prayer before bed. These notes from you continuously remind me why the Poetry Chaikhana is so important. And I am so grateful to be able to share my love of this poetry with such an engaged community.

Several of you have signed up for monthly subscriptions or send in periodic donations. These contributions greatly help, but I need to ask more of you to join in and support this work. We have a large Poetry Chaikhana community — more than 9,000 people are receiving this email! And that number grows every day as people pass the daily poems to friends and as word-of-mouth spreads. I am certain that, as a group, we can cover the expenses of one person (me) dedicating part of each day to the Poetry Chaikhana — as I write commentary and send out the daily poem, maintain the poetry database, research and add new poets, update the website, and respond to many of your emails.

If you’re curious what sort of work I do every day with the Poetry Chaikhana, take a look at Behind the Scenes with the Poetry Chaikhana.

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Projects that need your support

Change to web hosting service. We have used the same web host for years, a small company with excellent technical support. Last year they were bought out by another company. Working with the new company has had several frustrations, with monthly fees that are too high. It is time to switch to another web hosting service. The switchover itself only requires a minor investments, but it will require quite a bit of my time, time that cannot be put into my day job. Your donations will allow me to dedicate the time necessary to manage the transition.

A new computer. The computer I use to manage the Poetry Chaikhana website and emails has served me faithfully for many years, far longer than you typically expect in this era of rapidly changing technology. And I think it can continue to serve for a little while longer, but soon I should replace it with a newer system that will allow me to work more efficiently and maintain the Poetry Chaikhana well into the future.

The Poetry Chaikhana’s first anthology. I have hinted at an upcoming Poetry Chaikhana anthology for more than a year now. You must be getting as impatient as I am to hold the book in your hand. I feel like I’ve been waiting for the arrival of an old friend. Originally I thought I’d be able to quickly follow Real Thirst with the anthology, but chronic health issues and general busyness keep putting the project on hold. Your donations will allow me to focus the necessary time and energy to complete the anthology.

And, of course, the daily work of sending the poem emails, maintaining and updating the Poetry Chaikhana website, responding to as many emails as possible, all require a my time and energy and expense.

If you feel a connection to the Poetry Chaikhana, please consider making a donation.

(Of course, please do not contribute more than you can comfortably afford. Even a modest amount — from many people — is immensely helpful. Many contributions from many people makes the Poetry Chaikhana a stronger community project, maintained by many helping hands.)

Ways you can contribute:

  • You can send a check or money order in US funds made out to “Poetry Chaikhana”, addressed to:

    Poetry Chaikhana
    PO Box 2320
    Boulder, CO 80306

  • You can make a secure online donation in any amount through PayPal by clicking the “Donate” button below or on the Poetry Chaikhana home page http://www.poetry-chaikhana.com
  • You can sign up for a voluntary subscription of $2/month or $10/month by clicking either the “Subscribe” or “Support” PayPal button, also below or at http://www.poetry-chaikhana.com. (A regular monthly amount is often easier on your pocketbook and allows the Poetry Chaikhana to plan finances over the long term.)

I am also grateful for your support through supportive thoughts and prayers. Every contribution, financial and energetic, is sincerely appreciated.

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“Sacred poetry has the unique benefit of being a deeply personal expression of spiritual truth while, at the same time, being largely free from dogma… Sacred poetry is the natural goodwill ambassador for the world’s religions. Poetry can reach across cultural divides, soften prejudices, and shed light on misunderstandings. I hope the Poetry Chaikhana can help to facilitate that process.”

Sacred poetry is transformative on both a personal and a global level.

The Poetry Chaikhana has become a community that reaches across the globe. We have visitors from every continent and more than 220 countries and territories! (See Poetry Chaikhana Around the World.)

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2 Responses to “Poetry Chaikhana Needs Your Support”

  1. Lorna Woodon 07 Jun 2013 at 12:20 pm

    Hi Ivan, I think that if you had another category of donation…$4 or $5 a month you might get some more money. I give you $2/month because $10 is just more than I can afford, but if there had been a $5 amount I would have given it.

    Hope you are well. Thanks so much for the poetry. It is so valuable for me.

  2. Ivan M. Grangeron 07 Jun 2013 at 12:32 pm

    Hi Lorna-

    A while back I did also include a $5/mo subscription option, but honestly not many people signed up for it. I think, psychologically, $2/mo feels relatively easy for most people, while $10/mo feels like a heftier contribution that some can afford and others can’t commit to, but $5/mo straddles both and therefore didn’t get many signups.

    When a person wants to donate more than $2/mo, I am always glad to point out that there is the option to sign up for a *second* $2/mo donation. 🙂

    Thanks for the kind note — and, of course, the support!


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