Jun 17 2013

Thank You

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I am so deeply touched by the generosity of the Poetry Chaikhana community. Thank you to everyone who has sent in a donation or signed up for a monthly contribution. Your support will help to solve several challenges and allow the Poetry Chaikhana to move forward with upcoming projects and technical needs.

Here is a special thank you ecard for all of you.

Your support makes the Poetry Chaikhana possible!

Recent contributors include —

Anya (OR), Mary (subscriber), Gary (CA), William (subscriber), Suzin (NJ), Warwick (UK), Salifou (AB, Canada), Barbara (ON, Canada), Gary (subscriber), Emilia (supporter), Laura (subscriber), Ken (CA), Mary Louise (SC), Sylvia (NSW, Australia), Bill (WA), Eve (subscriber), Vicki (NC), Susan (CA), Lisa (supporter), Stephen (UK), Sandra (supporter), Sacred Circle of Yoga (MA), Anil (NY), Michael (CO), Elizabeth (MA), Sarah (CA), Thomas (NJ), Triva (subscriber), Glenda (supporter), Bonnie (supporter), Jack (OR), Dr J (BC, Canada), Juan (CA), Therese (NY), Curtis (NC), Dianne & Robert (ID), Geraldine (NJ), Susan (IL), Becky (CA), Craig (NC), Surendra (CA), Jessica (CA), Alima (HI), Rachel (ACT, Australia), Lindsey (UK), Kurvin (Mauritius), Harvey (UK), Sue (UK), Lysana (UK), Frederic (IN), Brenda (subscriber), Robyn (ON, Canada), Mariabruna (CA), Kim (CA), Theresa (NY), Elaine (AZ), Marcia (PA), Wendy (NSW, Australia), Maria (QC, Canada), Helen, Joyce (OR), Tia (subscriber), Keith (WA), Agnes (Netherlands), Grace, Jim (TX), Devvasena (NJ), Nanci (WA), Alexandra (subscriber), Hannah (subscriber), Vera (subscriber), Margot (Australia, supporter), Jennifer (VIC, Australia), Concetta (OR), Eugene (VA), Rasika (India), Maeve (Ireland), Tim (UK), Margaret (NH), Penny (CA), Jane (BC, Canada), Andrew (Australia, supporter), Francis (PA), Frances (subscriber), Linda (CA), Steven (VA, supporter)

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