Sep 25 2013

Gary Snyder – For All

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For All
by Gary Snyder

Ah to be alive
on a mid-September morn
fording a stream
barefoot, pants rolled up,
holding boots, pack on,
sunshine, ice in the shallows,
northern rockies.

Rustle and shimmer of icy creek waters
stones turn underfoot, small and hard as toes
cold nose dripping
singing inside
creek music, heart music,
smell of sun on gravel.

I pledge allegiance

I pledge allegiance to the soil
of Turtle Island,
and to the beings who thereon dwell
one ecosystem
in diversity
under the sun
With joyful interpenetration for all.

— from The Gary Snyder Reader: Prose, Poetry and Translations, by Gary Snyder

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We just passed the Autumn Equinox, and you can feel the shift in seasons here in Colorado: cool mornings, crystal blue skies, the first hint of fall colors on the aspens.

Ah to be alive
on a mid-September morn

A silent man, walking in solitude by a mountain stream… We begin to see what is real and what really deserves our allegiance.

Enjoy a quiet walk today. See what life you notice, and how it all flows together. A good opportunity to examine our allegiances.

Have a beautiful day!

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US (1930 – )
Secular or Eclectic : Beat
Buddhist : Zen / Chan

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  1. Pegon 26 Sep 2013 at 6:30 am

    This poem by Snyder sneaks up on you. The reader is lulled into this morning. We’ve all had them…I hope anyway. And then, the ending. All laid bare, if you are willing to look at it. Only the brave will see the truth, because it takes guts to look at what one holds dear and see that they were grasping death instead of life all along.

    Most readers will not understand the depth of this poem. The setting is perfect for the reader to kind of relax and settle into the place, its beauty and peacefulness. But, this same place could take your life without the proper gear, food, shelter. The power and strength lie hidden in the poem, its subtle. For Snyder, even with the ice cold water, he decides to join with this ecosystem. He plunges his bare feet right in, refusing to keep himself separate. How wonderful is that to stop fearing, bombing, killing, squelching, dampen, devastate, geoform, remake, or scar organic life?

    Thank you Ivan. Thank you Gary.

  2. Helene Bango Rochsteinon 27 Sep 2013 at 10:28 am

    My quiet time begins as I open my eyes in the morning. Under my windows, there is shimmering water. Across the water, a stretch of Australian pines separates me from the somehow busy street that is carrying the early risers to work. The branches of the pine trees are decorated by many hundreds of ibises and egrets awaiting the first rays of the sun to fly away in all directions. I wish the birds the “good day”. The trees are bare until the evening, when the white birds return in flocks with the last rays of the setting sun to decorate the branches for the night. Australian pines remind of many Christmas trees with its branches hanging heavily under the weight of peacefully sleeping birds. I bid them “good night”. My quiet time flows into the night with the shimmering water below reflecting the distant city lights mixed with heavenly lights.

  3. Helene Bango Rochsteinon 27 Sep 2013 at 10:33 am

    Please check out my book of spiritual poetry With the Lamp of my Soul at the website

  4. Helene Bango Rochsteinon 27 Sep 2013 at 10:55 am

    The poem, For All, by Garry Snyder is very earthy, tying man with nature. We are part of All; we are All. Powerful.

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