Mar 24 2014

Abe Books and Amazon

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The book lovers on the Poetry Chaikhana may have noticed over the past couple of weeks that book links in the poem emails and on the Poetry Chaikhana website now usually go to Abe Books rather than Amazon.

Amazon is in a fight with several state governments over sales taxes. One of those states is Colorado, where I live. Amazon has decided to fight back by revoking all sales commissions earned by the Poetry Chaikhana because of that Colorado residency. Amazon book sales no longer benefit the Poetry Chaikhana.

For that reason, I have switched the Poetry Chaikhana book links to work with Abe Books. The site may seem unfamiliar at first, but in many ways it is much better. Abe is a network of independent booksellers from all around the world. Each time you click on a Poetry Chaikhana book link, you will find a listing of the best prices available in both new and used editions — and you are supporting small booksellers in the process. And because some of the poetry books I feature are obscure and hard-to-find, Abe’s independent bookseller network is more likely to have copies available.

One significant exception: I am still listing the Poetry Chaikhana’s publications, like Real Thirst, through Amazon, however. I know that sounds contradictory, but there are technical benefits for doing so.

The next time you come across an amazing poem that just sings to you and you want to purchase the book it was published in, please try the Poetry Chaikhana link, and buy a copy from the Abe Books list. You will be supporting the Poetry Chaikhana, poetry publishers, and independent booksellers. Thousands of booksellers - millions of books.

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