Apr 07 2017

purest philosophy

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Follow the purest philosophy
in your heart.
Let the world adjust
to you.

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  1. Christineon 07 Apr 2017 at 3:44 pm

    Hi Ivan 🙂

    Love this saying. Oh how I wish this were true for me! I always seem to be “adjusting” to my “immediate” world/circumstances/life. Am trying to slow down to the pace of my Inner Being (some call it soul, or the True Self) – but life always keeps demanding that I keep up! I often feel like I’m living a frenetic life due to the crises that other people are creating around me… 🙁 But am learning to breathe into the Heart, and find the place of Silence and Rest there…

    Love your commentary on Herschel’s poem above… _/\_

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