Jul 26 2017

not religion

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Religion that does not inspire
outward compassion and inward awakening
is not religion.

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  1. Annaon 27 Jul 2017 at 6:28 am

    If we remember who we are,
    our equality and sovereignty,
    we will ‘see’ in plain sight
    the manipulation, controlling and
    deceiving function of all religions
    from the beginning of Time
    to these days.

    If one go deep into investigation of
    their origins and from whom and with
    what purpose they have been created,
    one will see very clear, that all religions
    are one of the main tool within the Old
    Matrix, that slowly is going to dissolve
    and with it the so called ‘Great Religions’.
    Just observe…

    As Kabir so beautifully said:

    lift the veil
    that obscures
    the heart

    and there
    you will find
    what you are
    looking for

    Isn’t the true inspiration, the compassion and awakening
    could come only from the heart and not from any
    outward source….?

    a wink and a warm smile…:)

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