Apr 27 2018


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and so see the sky.

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  1. Annaon 27 Apr 2018 at 10:54 pm

    I have stumbled
    and emereged…
    within a place,
    where there were not

    Full floating darkeness,
    all around,
    no ground, no sky, no stars,
    no any solid objects,
    even my body…

    I was looking for around
    to see my home, my family,
    my street with walking people,
    my city with the cars,
    my country, my continent,
    my Earth, my Solar System,
    my Galaxy Milky Way…

    Nothing Known I have found
    or recognized…

    I was sitting there completely
    only I and this UNKNOWN,
    very probably,
    another holographic Universe…

    Then I heard a Voice:
    “All cords from your Known
    Universe have been CUT.
    Your whole personal story
    have been
    entirely completed”
    Still in my head is
    ringing the word “CUT,CUT…”!

    What at first appeared to look, feel
    be bizarre and weird to my human aspect,
    yet deeeeeeeeep inside of me is so
    totally understood and known….
    and real.

    Ivan and others, anybody with similar
    Ohhhh, we all are in so unique
    Journeys… and yet
    Aren’t we?:)

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