Aug 23 2018

Find the joy

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Find the joy
that quietly glows in your chest,
the joy that glows with brazen disregard
for your lurching tears and laughter.

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One Response to “Find the joy”

  1. Annaon 27 Aug 2018 at 12:27 am

    If I found the joy
    that glows in my chest,
    and you too,
    and the other…and the other…
    everyone all around the globe,
    we will SEE the glowing
    New Network of Light upon Gaia,
    that override the old, dark one…

    Let all get awake from the deep slumber!

    Let all keep shining,
    share this joy with open hearts,
    to really feel our own interconnectedness,
    our own Sacred Divinity here
    through the SIMPLICITY,

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