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Nov 20 2009

Reb Zalman Schachter-Shalomi on Interfaith Dialog

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A wise, thought-provoking interview with Reb Zalman Schachter-Shalomi on Interfaith Dialog from a Jewish perspective. I love Reb Zalman’s gentle, embracing wisdom. Definitely worth taking a few minutes to listen to this interview.

In Exile Together: A Dialogue of Faith (Click the “Watch the Interview” link at the top of the biography notes.)

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Nov 11 2009

EATP Interview with Ivan M. Granger

Poetry Chaikhana readers often ask me about myself. Who is the guy behind all those poetry emails? What drew you to sacred poetry? And just what does “Poetry Chaikhana” mean?

Ivan M. Granger, Ivan Granger

As a way to answer some of those questions, I thought I’d post an audio interview I did a couple of years ago with the Ecstatic Art and Theater Project ( I talk a little about myself, and a lot about poetry — the transformational power of poetry, the ways poetry naturally expresses the sacred experience, the non-dogmatic nature of poetry. And I read a few poems.

I hope you find it inspiring and thought-provoking…

Click to listen: EATP Interview with Ivan M. Granger

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May 30 2008

Ivan Interviewed

If you’re interested in my thoughts on sacred poetry, how I ended up on this path, or if you’re just curious what my voice sounds like, you may want to listen to an interview I did recently with the Ecstatic Art & Theater Project. They are an excellent organization that explores and encourages the sacred/transcendent/ecstatic in art and theater.

Ecstatic Art & Theater Project

Online Newsletter focusing on sacred poetry.

Audio Interview (20 min).

I’d love to hear your comments on the interview, either via email or through the blog. So please let me know what you thought after listening.

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