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Jun 20 2019


We are interconnected.
Our experiences
are always shared experiences.

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Jun 07 2019

into the present

It is impossible to settle
into the present
without first cultivating

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May 31 2019


The mediocre and the mundane:
treasures for awareness.

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May 29 2019

all effort will cease

One day all effort will cease
and the Earth shall recognize
its inherent heavenly nature.

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May 17 2019


Everything is an opportunity
for awareness.

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May 10 2019

The destination’s gift

The destination’s gift
is contained in the journey itself.

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May 08 2019

simple contentment

Simple contentment
unlocks so many doors
along the way.

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May 03 2019

the rules

No one gets to heaven
by following the rules
— or breaking them.
Heaven must burst forth from your breast.

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Apr 26 2019


Gratitude opens us daily.

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Apr 19 2019


Don’t rush.
The spiritual path is an endurance sport.

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Apr 17 2019


Seeking sunlight the sapling
reaches out for that golden touch.
In time the tree
becomes the pathway of its own seeking.

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Apr 11 2019

arc of movement

Each step, each arc of movement
and point of rest,
is another instance of delicious touch
in the divine love affair that is life’s journey.

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Apr 02 2019

thoughts are a dialog

Thoughts are a dialog
with God, the Eternal Self.
When we remember we are the Self,
thoughts stop.

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Mar 29 2019

simple answers

Don’t ask questions
with simple answers.
Ask the questions
that bring you face-to-face with the Mystery.

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Mar 22 2019

claim them

When you pray,
don’t ask for enlightenment or wisdom or divine love.
Claim them!
They are yours by right!

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Mar 15 2019


We participate in each other.

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Mar 01 2019

dive into the present

There is a misconception that Eternity
is somewhere in the future.

If you want to touch Eternity,
dive deep into the present.

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