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Dec 05 2018

reach out

In every moment reach out
to the One
barely hidden
behind the kaleidoscopic many.

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Nov 21 2018

encounters of this moment

The encounters of this moment
fill the world.

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Nov 15 2018

pure wonder

Encounter every instant
entirely as it is,
in pure wonder.

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Nov 09 2018

an offering

Make an offering:

Give up your most cherished obsession
and watch your life open.

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Oct 31 2018

find out

The question is not
whether or not you believe.
The real question is
whether or not you are determined
to find out for yourself.

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Oct 12 2018

Accept others

Accept others
as they are
and you will remember
your own natural beauty.

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Oct 10 2018


We embody
each other.

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Oct 01 2018


somehow the battered heart
blossoms with such beauty,
no hint of past hurts

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Sep 28 2018

When awareness rests

When awareness rests,
it recognizes itself.

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Sep 26 2018

Each step

Each step is a step into
the unknown.

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Sep 19 2018


A mystic must be supremely pragmatic:
Use what works,
whatever opens the heart
and fires the spirit.

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Sep 10 2018

circle of compassion

Ask yourself —

Am I expanding
my circle of compassion?

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Aug 30 2018


Self-acceptance has a strange way
of becoming self-awareness.

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Aug 23 2018

Find the joy

Find the joy
that quietly glows in your chest,
the joy that glows with brazen disregard
for your lurching tears and laughter.

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Aug 15 2018

a good poem

We wake up a little more
when we read a good poem.

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Jul 31 2018

true vision

A true vision is the voice of nature,
the intention of the universe,
uniquely tuned to our soul.

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Jul 27 2018

The most mundane effort

The most mundane effort,
when approached with a sense of service
and a questing heart,
becomes an act of beauty.

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