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Jul 01 2015

like water

Like water, yield
and so find your destination.

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Jun 26 2015

each day

Each day
magically unfolds possibility
into reality.

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Jun 24 2015

return home

We pursue the Divine
for the same reason we return home
at the end of each workday:
It is where we belong when all effort is done.

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Jun 12 2015

no opposite

Love has no opposite.

Hate, fear, are not love’s opposites;
they are its denial.

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Jun 10 2015

a little more

We wake up a little more
when we read a good poem.

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Jun 05 2015

a good thing

It is a good thing we have our hearts
as well as the moon
to give.

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Jun 03 2015


Stop struggling for perfection,
and recognize the perfection
you already are.

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May 29 2015


A mystic must be supremely pragmatic:
Use what works,
whatever opens the heart
and fires the spirit.

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May 20 2015

blind eye

If I turn a blind eye to the suffering of another
…I become a little more blind.

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May 15 2015

no story

No story can contain you.

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May 12 2015

day of possibility

Be thankful for this day
of possibility.
Who knows what magic will unfold?

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May 08 2015

liberation and theft

What the heart recognizes
as liberation,
the ego sees
as theft.

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May 06 2015

Self experiencing Self

What is there
but Self
experiencing Self?

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May 04 2015

present through perception

We are present through perception,
not action.

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May 01 2015

maintain our pretenses

Too tired to maintain our pretenses,
we rest in awe.

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Apr 29 2015


All the gods
and creeds and practices…
when what it all really comes down to
is elegantly yielding.

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Apr 17 2015

real you

The real you
is much too big to be your own.

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