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Mar 16 2018

a new action

With each new insight
take a new action
to claim it.

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Mar 09 2018

knowing our hearts

We learn the way
by knowing our hearts.

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Mar 07 2018

Sacred texts

Sacred texts:

A map doesn’t mean anything
if you don’t make the journey.

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Feb 28 2018

seasons of the self

The seasons of the self blossom
and turn inward again,
and through it all there is a still point within us
quietly watching, accepting, smiling.

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Feb 23 2018

Love everyone and everything

Love everyone and everything
with the last ounce of your being.
Love all until you are shattered
by love
and only love remains.

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Feb 13 2018

magically unfolds

Each day
magically unfolds possibility
into reality.

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Feb 06 2018

Sift your life

Sift your life
until it becomes simply
what it is
and you become a thing unnamed.

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Feb 02 2018

Theory and debate

Theory and debate can never satisfy
the seeking heart.

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Jan 31 2018

blank page

Instead of memorizing the words of scripture,
become the blank page
that effortlessly displays them.

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Jan 26 2018

liberation and theft

What the heart recognizes
as liberation,
the ego sees
as theft.

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Jan 19 2018

tapped bell

Some days it’s best
to do nothing
but ring like a tapped bell.

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Jan 15 2018

action is ritual

Every noble action is ritual —
an attempt to awaken wholeness and holiness
by enacting it externally.

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Jan 12 2018

All of mysticism

All of mysticism comes down to this:

to recognize
what is already
and always here.

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Jan 10 2018

behind the breastbone

The holiest place
we can discover

is immediately behind the breastbone.

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Jan 05 2018

wild places

Protect the wild places in yourself.

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Dec 08 2017


Let every experience
be fuel for the fire
of love.

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Dec 01 2017

this moment is enough

until you find yourself saying —

this moment is enough.

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