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Jul 31 2018

true vision

A true vision is the voice of nature,
the intention of the universe,
uniquely tuned to our soul.

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Jul 27 2018

The most mundane effort

The most mundane effort,
when approached with a sense of service
and a questing heart,
becomes an act of beauty.

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Jul 20 2018

filled with magic

The world is so filled with magic
that we’ve become blind to it.

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Jul 13 2018

all the way

Enlightenment all the way to enlightenment.

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Jul 05 2018


How can you settle into yourself

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Jun 21 2018

crucial ingredient

Your life needs one crucial ingredient:


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Jun 13 2018

An empathic heart

An empathic heart
is what keeps us alive
and on the spiritual path.

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Jun 08 2018

not enough

A book and a building are not enough.
The human spirit needs cathedrals of trees,
towering mountains, and fields
of spring wildflowers as places of prayer.

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Jun 06 2018

To find its perfection

To find its perfection
the soul must reveal
its imperfections.

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Jun 01 2018

Love has no opposite

Love has no opposite.

Hate, fear, are not love’s opposites;
they are its denial.

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May 16 2018

not escape

Freedom is not escape,
but deep presence.

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May 11 2018

world at rest

The happiest moment is when you discover
the world at rest
in your heart.

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May 09 2018

beyond question

Anything that is beyond question
should immediately be questioned.

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Apr 27 2018


and so see the sky.

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Apr 25 2018

nature is our guide

Nature is our constant teacher and guide,
again and again bringing us back to ourselves.

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Apr 20 2018


Belief isn’t very nourishing.
Direct perception is what the soul craves.

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Apr 13 2018

Recognize the magical

Recognize the magical
in the mundane.

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