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Sep 22 2017

silent witness

Finally, finally we fall silent.
Finally, we witness ourselves as we are.

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Sep 20 2017

A miracle

A miracle isn’t an event or an experience.
It is a moment of recognition:
We glimpse the wider reality,
and what we witness washes us away.

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Sep 08 2017


Everything is an exercise
in awareness.

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Sep 06 2017

Not suppression

Not suppression.
Not separation.

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Sep 01 2017

love the mountain

Real mountaineers love the mountain
more than the map.

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Aug 25 2017

Forgive the whole world

Every nation, every person, every object
is within yourself.
Forgive the whole world
and watch what happens within yourself.

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Aug 23 2017

Even our masks

Even our masks reveal us.

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Aug 16 2017

we learn to see

Through watching,
we learn to see.

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Aug 09 2017


Never accept the logic of expediency
over compassion.
We need a world that’s less efficient
and more humane.

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Aug 04 2017

in nature

Commune with nature.

But don’t go out and do something in nature.
Go out and let nature do something in you!

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Jul 28 2017

real magic

Remember, real magic
is hidden,
hidden in the quiet moments.

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Jul 26 2017

not religion

Religion that does not inspire
outward compassion and inward awakening
is not religion.

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Jul 21 2017

We can choose

We can choose
the world we live in
and the way
we live in the world.

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Jul 14 2017

contact is worship

Every person: God.
Every animal, every plant: God.
Everything: God, God!
The slightest contact is worship.

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Jul 12 2017

Confusion to certainty

Confusion to certainty.
Certainty to disillusionment.
Disillusionment to understanding.

But wonder wipes the slate clean!

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Jun 23 2017

fence in

Don’t fence in the heart
or hold back the will to help.

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Jun 21 2017


We don’t find gateways.
We ourselves open.

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