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May 19 2017

forgiveness & freedom

The path of forgiveness
is the path of freedom.

Forgiveness is a rebellion
against the ego’s self-importance.

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May 17 2017

Don’t try to control

Don’t try to control life.
Witness it.

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May 12 2017

what you already are

You can only perceive
what you already are.

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May 09 2017


Act responsibly,

but don’t imagine
you are responsible.

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May 05 2017


Be willing to drop all addiction
to mental chatter
and the trance
it creates.

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May 01 2017

first language

Remember: Language
is not your first language.

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Apr 14 2017

Innocence & naiveté

Innocence is not naiveté.
Naivete must be carefully removed.
Innocence is our true nature.

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Apr 12 2017

Where you are

Where you are,

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Apr 07 2017

purest philosophy

Follow the purest philosophy
in your heart.
Let the world adjust
to you.

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Apr 03 2017


Just the slightest shift in point-of-view,
and everything around us is made new.

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Mar 27 2017

in the palm of your hand

It’s amazing what you find
in the palm of your hand
when you finally
release your grip.

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Mar 24 2017


Stunned, we stumble
into deeper awareness.

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Mar 22 2017

All exploration

All exploration
is self-discovery.

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Mar 17 2017

Use everything

Use everything:
Joy, fear, success, suffering.
A seeker hasn’t the luxury
to waste life in pursuit
of easy, grand experiences.

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Mar 10 2017

God meets God

Each one of us does not exist
except as an empty field
in which God meets God.
We are the flash of self-recognition
that lights the face of the Divine.

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Mar 08 2017


Being a pacifist
does not mean being a passivist.

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Mar 03 2017

never to be missed

The present moment is always unique,
a profound mystery,
and never to be missed

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