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Mar 13 2015


Each kind act
and simple insight
is a victory.

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Mar 10 2015


Joys, hurts, hopes, history,
hold them
— while practicing contentment.

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Mar 04 2015


It’s the sticky self
that gets stuck.
Strip it down — gently —
in stillness.

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Feb 18 2015


Meditation is not what you do,
it is what you are.

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Feb 13 2015

love alone

Love alone completes the work,
love: personal, immediate, and all-consuming.

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Feb 11 2015

each other

We participate in each other.

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Feb 04 2015


We all yearn to experience
the living moment that continuously passes
and continuously renews itself

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Jan 23 2015

each day

Each day should be approached
with amazement, wonder, gratitude.
After all, what have you done
to earn the inconceivable gift of life?

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Jan 21 2015

work and strength

Don’t resent the work.
It gives you the strength to stand
whole and silent
before the Mystery.

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Jan 16 2015


Spiritual awakening
is the fundamental political act.
Awareness spreads outward
into the world.

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Jan 14 2015


Finding that light, we discover
that we too shine
like the stars within the deep mystery.

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Jan 08 2015

claim them

When you pray,
don’t ask for enlightenment or wisdom or divine love.
Claim them!
They are yours by right!

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Dec 23 2014

don’t rush

Don’t rush through the journey,
impatient only for its end.
The adventure is your soul’s story.

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Dec 17 2014

commune with nature

Commune with nature.

But don’t go out and do something in nature.
Go out and let nature do something in you!

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Dec 10 2014

holy heart

Find the holy heart
of the moment.

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Dec 03 2014

it whispers

That Mystery
devastating in its immensity,
it whispers:
“I am your very self.”

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Nov 26 2014


Be just selfish enough
to insist on what is
spiritually important to you.

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