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Nov 16 2016

never separated

You can never be separated from your Self, your being, God.

The only “work” there is to do
is to become fully aware
of this immutable fact.

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Nov 11 2016

security and control

Peace and joy — that’s what everyone wants.
It is fear that twists this natural yearning
into the compulsion
for security and control.

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Nov 04 2016

helping hand

A helping hand
is a holy thing.

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Oct 28 2016

until you find yourself saying

until you find yourself saying —

this moment is enough.

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Oct 26 2016


Be thankful for this day
of possibility.
Who knows what magic will unfold?

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Oct 21 2016

magical act of seeing

The individual is really
a magical act of seeing
with no fixed eye.

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Oct 19 2016

bigger than our stories

What can one do but stand
in silent awe of the vision that emerges,
showing us how much bigger we are
than even our best stories?

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Oct 12 2016

The destination’s gift

The destination’s gift
is contained in the journey itself.

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Oct 07 2016

in the darkness

It is in the darkness
that we learn to see.

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Oct 05 2016


The soul harmonizes, uncontracts,
when it remembers it is the child
of something profound, alive, divine… and beautiful.

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Sep 30 2016

Many… One

Many bodies,
Many objects,
Many thoughts,
Many experiences —
One Being.

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Sep 28 2016


Self-acceptance has a strange way
of becoming self-awareness.

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Sep 23 2016


Each life
is a grand philosophical experiment
within unfathomable mystery.

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Sep 12 2016

Wild, living places

Wild, living places —
cherish them, fight for them;

they whisper to us of our true home.

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Sep 09 2016

heavenly nature

One day all effort will cease
and the Earth shall recognize
its inherent heavenly nature.

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Sep 02 2016

psychic stillness

Psychic stillness is so difficult because it makes us naked
to ourselves.
This is why self-acceptance is essential.
Otherwise, we never give ourselves permission to be still.

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Aug 29 2016

The pathway in life

The pathway in life
runs along the seam
between the heart and the world.

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