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Jul 08 2013

hearts and minds

Religion is not to close your mind,
but to open your heart.

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Jul 01 2013

find the joy

Find the joy
that quietly glows in your chest,
the joy that glows with brazen disregard
for your lurching tears and laughter.

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Jun 28 2013


Enlightenment is the ultimate acquisition,
as far as the ego is concerned.
Now, if the ego can only figure out
how to hold enlightenment
and not lose itself!

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Jun 26 2013


Even the most mundane day
is a journey into Mystery!

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Jun 21 2013



(that’s it)

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Jun 19 2013


The boundary between self and the world
is bridged by the breath.

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Jun 17 2013

words & breath

Words affect breath.
Thoughts affect breath.
Breath guides awareness.

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Jun 12 2013


A mystic must be supremely pragmatic:
Use what works,
whatever opens the heart
and fires the spirit.

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Jun 10 2013


Walk through this world
as an alien being
with curiosity and wonder
and constant questioning.

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Jun 03 2013

traditions and texts

People become violently obsessed
with rules and traditions and texts
only when they have lost the sense
of what they really point to.

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May 29 2013

spaces between

We need to retrain our eyes to see
the spaces between and the secrets behind.

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May 24 2013


Follow the trace of time
until the start
collapses with the end
in the space of the heart.

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May 22 2013


Who am I excluding from my heart?
How can I fix that?

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May 17 2013

fundamental trance

Ego is the fundamental trance,
the seed of all addiction.
Find the secret
it so desperately hides!

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May 15 2013


Pure, compassionate,
and devastating honesty
with yourself
is the only way.

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May 08 2013

feed the fire

Let each experience
feed the fire
of love.

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May 03 2013


Through you
the world learns
to recognize itself
– as heaven.

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