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Sep 18 2015

arc of movement

Each step, each arc of movement
and point of rest,
is another instance of delicious touch
in the divine love affair that is life’s journey.

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Sep 15 2015


To really meet the mystery,
we must be uncertain.

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Sep 09 2015

gathering silence

Once you have gathered enough silence,
silence gathers you.

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Aug 28 2015

purpose of life

The purpose of life is awareness.

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Aug 26 2015

effort & yielding

Outwardly, determined effort is necessary.

But within, nothing is needed
except to yield.

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Aug 19 2015

religion that does not…

Religion that does not inspire
outward compassion and inward awakening
is not religion.

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Aug 14 2015

seasons of the self

The seasons of the self blossom
and turn inward again,
and through it all there is a still point within us
quietly watching, accepting, smiling.

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Aug 12 2015


Through you
the world learns
to recognize itself
— as heaven.

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Aug 07 2015

everyone is agnostic

Regardless of belief or faith,
everyone is agnostic
until gnosis.

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Jul 31 2015


We spend most of our lives striving so hard
to earn our own permission to be at rest
where we are
— when we could have done it all along.

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Jul 29 2015

fuel for the fire

Let every experience
be fuel for the fire
of love.

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Jul 24 2015

spend time

Spend time
with the Beloved.

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Jul 22 2015


We are interconnected.
Our experiences
are always shared experiences.

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Jul 10 2015

individual beings

We aren’t so much individual beings
as individual points of perception
within one immense being.

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Jul 08 2015

the world we live in

We can choose
the world we live in
and the way
we live in the world.

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Jul 01 2015

like water

Like water, yield
and so find your destination.

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Jun 26 2015

each day

Each day
magically unfolds possibility
into reality.

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