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Mar 10 2017

God meets God

Each one of us does not exist
except as an empty field
in which God meets God.
We are the flash of self-recognition
that lights the face of the Divine.

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Mar 08 2017


Being a pacifist
does not mean being a passivist.

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Mar 03 2017

never to be missed

The present moment is always unique,
a profound mystery,
and never to be missed

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Mar 01 2017

limiting details

Spirit awakens us
with utter disregard
for the limiting details of our lives.

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Feb 24 2017

to let go

Amazing how liberating it is
to let go
and let go
and let go…

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Feb 22 2017

Life and death

Life and death are a given.

It is what we do with them that matters.

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Feb 17 2017

meet the mystery

To really meet the mystery,
we must be uncertain.

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Feb 15 2017

Untested belief

Untested belief
becomes brittle
and ever more opaque.

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Feb 10 2017

spark and flash

Let that charged space
spark inside you and flash.

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Feb 03 2017

peace and suffering

The peace we cultivate within ourselves
flows outward.
And in the same way
the suffering we allow in others
creeps into our own lives.

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Feb 01 2017


Suffering is always an invitation
to awareness
and compassion
and action.

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Jan 23 2017

favor compassion

When in doubt, favor compassion
over certainty or tradition.

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Jan 18 2017

The real you

The real you
is much too big to be your own.

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Jan 12 2017

new action

With each new insight
take a new action
to claim it.

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Jan 04 2017

trace of time

Follow the trace of time
until the start
collapses with the end
in the space of the heart.

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Dec 28 2016

In every love

In every love, we love the Beloved.

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Dec 21 2016

Right action

Right action heals
in ways that even “success” cannot match.

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