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Sep 12 2016

Wild, living places

Wild, living places —
cherish them, fight for them;

they whisper to us of our true home.

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Sep 09 2016

heavenly nature

One day all effort will cease
and the Earth shall recognize
its inherent heavenly nature.

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Sep 02 2016

psychic stillness

Psychic stillness is so difficult because it makes us naked
to ourselves.
This is why self-acceptance is essential.
Otherwise, we never give ourselves permission to be still.

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Aug 29 2016

The pathway in life

The pathway in life
runs along the seam
between the heart and the world.

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Aug 24 2016

continuously ask

Continuously ask: What is right here?
What is this sensation? This emotion?
This thought? This experience?
Then ask: Who is experiencing it?

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Aug 19 2016

the solution

The solution
is in the present.

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Aug 17 2016

retrain our eyes

We need to retrain our eyes to see
the spaces between and the secrets behind.

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Aug 05 2016


Freedom is not escape,
but deep presence.

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Aug 03 2016

heart of the tree

Even when its leaves are rustled by the wind
the heart of the tree is still.

You are the same.

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Jul 29 2016

what should be

Forget about what should be.
Discover what is.

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Jul 27 2016

into mystery

Even the most mundane day
is a journey into Mystery!

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Jul 22 2016

imagination is essential

Imagination is essential.
It is the psychic flexibility
to see with new eyes.
Imagination can break the trance
of the ego.

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Jul 20 2016

immense courage

No life has yet been lived
without immense courage.

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Jul 13 2016

same ways

Why walk the same ways
as everyone else
when so much of this magical existence
is uncharted and unknown?

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Jul 08 2016

every action

Let every action
be a perfect stillness
in the heart.

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Jul 06 2016

back at breath

Words are built of breath,
and thoughts of words.
When we find the silent, knowing space
beneath words and thoughts,
we are back at breath.

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Jul 01 2016

just selfish enough

Be just selfish enough
to insist on what is
spiritually important to you.

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