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Feb 19 2014

true home

Wild, living places —
cherish them, fight for them;

they whisper to us of our true home.

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Feb 14 2014

following the rules

No one gets to heaven
by following the rules
— or breaking them.
Heaven must burst forth from your breast.

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Feb 12 2014

we are present

We are present through perception,
not action.

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Feb 07 2014

already are

You can only perceive
what you already are.

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Feb 05 2014

precisely the purpose

But that is precisely the purpose of the human soul,
to deeply witness.

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Feb 03 2014

speak and be still

Whatever you experience,
Let the senses speak and be still.

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Jan 27 2014

psychic stillness

Psychic stillness is so difficult because it makes us naked
to ourselves.
This is why self-acceptance is essential.
Otherwise, we never give ourselves permission to be still.

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Jan 22 2014

raw minute

Inhabit each raw minute.

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Jan 17 2014


What waits within you?

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Jan 15 2014

story and history

We don’t actually have histories.
We make up stories about ourselves
to connect our memories and discover meaning.
We can change those stories at any time.

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Jan 13 2014

by default

If you are not intensely dedicated
to a high ideal,
then comfort becomes your goal by default
and every difficulty becomes a crisis.

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Jan 10 2014


Whittle yourself down
to the question at your core.
Let that empty ache
lead you to ecstasy!

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Jan 08 2014

the right way

It’s not that we have to find the right place to look.
It’s that we have to find the right way to look.

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Jan 06 2014


Total Self


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Dec 20 2013


In this divine game of hide-and-seek
stop pretending
there is any place to hide.

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Dec 18 2013

the world arises

The world arises
where self-acceptance is absent.

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Dec 13 2013


All the world
is an altar.

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