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May 19 2014


The ego is a personal myth,
a story we tell ourselves
about who we are.
That story can change, expand,
or grow silent.

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May 16 2014


Every person: God.
Every animal, every plant: God.
Everything: God, God!
The slightest contact is worship.

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May 09 2014

some days

Some days it’s best
to do nothing
but ring like a tapped bell.

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May 02 2014


We spend most of our lives striving so hard
to earn our own permission to be at rest
where we are
— when we could have done it all along.

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Apr 30 2014

a new way

Find a new way each day
to let love pour
through your being.

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Apr 23 2014


Words aren’t inherently meaningful;
they are the ornaments
that accompany the flow of awareness.

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Apr 21 2014


Build up a tolerance for the unknown.

How can you be at home in the immense, mysterious,
and formless Self,
when you are only at ease with what the mind has defined?

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Apr 18 2014

speaks to us

The Earth speaks to us,
and gives us a vocabulary
to speak back.

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Apr 16 2014

we learn the way

We learn the way
by knowing our hearts.

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Apr 11 2014


A helping hand
is a holy thing.

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Apr 09 2014


You need just this:

to the essential.

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Mar 28 2014


First there must be thirst.

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Mar 24 2014

where you are

Be where you are.

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Mar 14 2014

holy things

Body and mind —
these are holy things
that must be fed holy things.

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Mar 10 2014

in every love

In every love, we love the Beloved.

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Mar 05 2014

what we call the ego

What we call the ego
is the individual’s particular way
of not being fully present.

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Feb 28 2014

how long you waited

When that door opens,
does it really matter
how long you waited?

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