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Sep 25 2013


It takes immense effort
to remain distracted.
Your natural state is bliss.
Stop working so hard to forget this!

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Sep 20 2013


Accept every step
that has led you here.

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Sep 18 2013

every single person

Take no one for granted.

Every single person
is a universe of being.

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Sep 16 2013

spinning of wheels

If love does not rule your heart,
all activity is just the spinning of wheels.

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Sep 11 2013

act of seeing

The individual is really
a magical act of seeing
with no fixed eye.

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Sep 09 2013

an exercise

Everything is an exercise
in awareness.

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Aug 30 2013


Stop playing dumb.

You’re not as lost as you think.

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Aug 28 2013


Every person you interact with is within you.
Every object you touch is within you.
The moment of your enlightenment
reconciles the whole world.

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Aug 26 2013


The map of the human soul
is a topographical map, with mountains
and valleys, and rivers of life everywhere.

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Aug 21 2013

these are enough

Opening, seeing, and serving,
these are enough.

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Aug 19 2013

where the beloved lives

When you know where the Beloved lives,
you are content,
no need to argue with others over street names.

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Aug 14 2013


Gather your history up,
unedited,without fear,
and watch it disappear.

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Aug 12 2013

let your longing

Let your longing
lead you.

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Aug 09 2013

kind and simple

Each kind act
and simple insight
is a victory.

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Aug 05 2013

security and comfort

Security and comfort exist
only for the ego.
The Self is boundless,

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Jul 29 2013

let go

Amazing how liberating it is
to let go
and let go
and let go…

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Jul 26 2013


Stunned, we stumble
into deeper awareness.

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