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Jun 01 2016

A few updates

A while back I had mentioned that I am working on two new books — a new poetry anthology, which I plan to publish in the summer, and also a collection of the ‘thoughts for the day,’ which I hoped to publish even sooner. I will still be publishing both books, but I have decided to focus on the anthology first and complete the book of sayings after. The tentative schedule for the two books now is to release the anthology late summer or early autumn, to be followed by the book of sayings by the end of the year. Although I haven’t been as swift as I hoped with preparing them for publication, I am pleased with how they are coming together… and I hope you will be too.

Also, I forget to mention it, but I have been doing some behind-the-scenes work on the Poetry Chaikhana. I recently updated the database software I use to manage the website along with the extensive library of poetry, biographies, and commentaries. You are not likely to notice any changes as a visitor to the site, but these updates to the software mean that I can avoid several technical issues and I am now in a good position to continue to manage the Poetry Chaikhana well into the future. Some of the humdrum details that only a nerd can appreciate, but they help me to keep the extensive Poetry Chaikhana resources available to everyone.

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Jun 01 2016


Your most secret wound

is the doorway.

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May 25 2016

religion is technology

Religion is not a fixed collection
of beliefs and rituals.
Religion, properly understood,
is a living technology
for experiencing God.

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May 20 2016

fierce, gentle

See everything
with a fierce eye
and a gentle heart.

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May 18 2016

blind faith

‘Blind faith’ is just passive belief.
Find an active faith,
faith that tests itself constantly.
Restore sight to your faith.

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May 06 2016


Rogues too realize.

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May 04 2016

act of beauty

The most mundane effort,
when approached with a sense of service
and a questing heart,
becomes an act of beauty.

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Apr 29 2016


The solution to religious extremism
is to reawaken that sweet, secret, sacred bliss within,
to gently and generously share it with others,
to create environments that invite
the continuing quest.

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Apr 27 2016

to be seen

This is what the soul craves,
to be seen, to be recognized,
to be truly acknowledged.
This is true not just of the human soul,
but of the world soul.

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Apr 22 2016

street names

When you know where the Beloved lives,
you are content,
no need to argue with others over street names.

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Apr 20 2016

gauze-like veil

We are, each of us, just a thin gauze-like veil
delicately draped over the Divine.
The slightest puff of breath
or flaming spark of fire
dispels the illusion that we are a separate substance.

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Apr 15 2016


The boundary between self and the world
is bridged by the breath.

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Apr 08 2016

all the world

All the world
is an altar.

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Apr 06 2016

we all feel it

We all feel it, a gentle prodding
to let the heart open,
to know ourselves truly, to be present
and radiate ourselves into the world.

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Apr 01 2016

information & knowledge

Don’t mistake information for knowledge.

Information is important,
but knowledge is the stuff of life.

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Mar 30 2016

simplistic answers

The scariest people are those
who’ve grown tired of questions
and so brutalize the world with simplistic answers.

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Mar 18 2016

learn the way

We learn the way
by knowing our hearts.

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