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Jul 30 2014


How can you settle into yourself

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Jul 23 2014

in ourselves and others

The peace we cultivate within ourselves
flows outward.
And in the same way
the suffering we allow in others
creeps into our own lives.

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Jul 16 2014


Remember, you are
supremely complete
in every circumstance.

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Jul 11 2014


There is a perverse sort of blessing
that comes from calamity:

You just might give yourself permission
to surrender.

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Jul 09 2014

sift your life

Sift your life
until it becomes simply
what it is
and you become a thing unnamed

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Jun 30 2014

perfection and stillness

Why strive for the perfect
thought or action?
The perfection you seek
is found in stillness.

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Jun 25 2014


Everything is an opportunity
for awareness.

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Jun 13 2014


The joy is there
awaiting permission.

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Jun 11 2014

fierce eye

See everything
with a fierce eye
and a gentle heart.

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Jun 06 2014

the space between

God inhabits the space between our thoughts.

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Jun 04 2014


Renounce the past.
Renounce the future.

Rediscover them in the present.

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May 30 2014

discipline and love

Holiness is born of love,
not discipline.

Discipline only increases
your capacity to love.

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May 21 2014

each step

Each step
is part of the journey.

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May 19 2014


The ego is a personal myth,
a story we tell ourselves
about who we are.
That story can change, expand,
or grow silent.

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May 16 2014


Every person: God.
Every animal, every plant: God.
Everything: God, God!
The slightest contact is worship.

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May 09 2014

some days

Some days it’s best
to do nothing
but ring like a tapped bell.

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May 02 2014


We spend most of our lives striving so hard
to earn our own permission to be at rest
where we are
— when we could have done it all along.

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