When you start to see the light that you really are

by Adyashanti

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When you start to see the light that you really are,
the light waking up in you, the radiance,
you realize it has no intention to change you.

It has no intention to harmonize.
It has no agenda.
It just happens.

The Truth is the only thing you'll ever run into that has no agenda. Everything
else will have an agenda.

That is why the Truth is so powerful.
Give up your agendas and continue to expose yourself (to the Truth), and
harmonization will naturally occur.

Freedom is the realization
that this deep, deep peace
and this unknown
are what you are.
Everything else is just an extension of that unknown.

Bodies are just an extension of that unknown.
The trees outside are just an extension of the unknown
in time, in form.
Thought and feeling are also extensions of the unknown in time.
The whole visible universe, in fact,
is just an extension in time of this unknown,
this mountain of quiet.

So it's really important to get to the point of maturity
where you are willing to look at what is fundamental.
There is a difference between pulling the weeds of confusion out
and getting to the root of Truth.

Did, you ever pull weeds from a lawn, grabbing only their tops,
and discover they were back again so quickly
that it was as if the lawn was never weeded at all?
Clearing out identification is like this.

-- from Emptiness Dancing, by Adyashanti

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