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Although Richard Crashaw was the son of a strongly anti-Catholic clergyman in England, he became a convert to Catholicism.

As a Catholic sympathizer, Richard Crashaw was forced into exile in France for some time during the English civil wars.

He married twice, both wives dying soon after the marriage.

Richard Crashaw's poetry is often listed among the favorites of the English Metaphysical Poets, a group that includes George Herbert, Henry Vaughan, and John Donne.

Crashaw's poetry in Steps to the Temple (1646) makes some obvious references to Herbert's work, and Crashaw admits to being influenced by Herbert, but Crashaw's poetry is less overtly "religious" and more immediately mystical. Some of his poetry even makes free use of sensual, even erotic imagery that has shocked many commentators through the years, but it reflects the mystic's instinct to convey ecstatic awareness in even its most physical experiences.

Poems by Richard Crashaw

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