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Poems by Kalidasa
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Kalidasa is one of the most important classical poets and playwrights of ancient India. There is historical disagreement about when exactly Kalidasa lived, but many scholars now place him somewhere around 400CE.

Kalidasa was said to have been raised without much education, but his beauty caught the attention of a royal princess, who married him. Kalidasa was a devotee of the Mother Goddess Kali (his name means Kali's servant). It is said that, to erase the shame of his ignorance at court, Kalidasa prayed fervently to Kali, and was granted the gift of brilliant wit.

He wrote several plays, exploring the dramas and humor of court life, love, and spiritual aspiration. His works are often compared with the plays of Shakespeare.

Tradition says that Kalidasa was murdered by a courtesan on the island nation of Sri Lanka.

Poems by Kalidasa

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